I’m watching through my drape, 

Watching you look at me – 


You admire the color  because 

It pleases your new found interest 

For aestheticism. 

Anything that has light flickering inside. 

For you I’m your muse – 

I’m beautiful. 

But only I know of the burning

Inside the glass walls

And metal base. 

I know about the wires haywire 

I scream and sweat 

I keep trying, I keep trying… 

But I’m satisfied because 

A flicker is light too. 

But you judge the faces 

To what they feel, For

You call yourself an artist. 

But you’ve forgotten –  art is also

The reflection of depth 

Of meaning, of both sides of the stories. 

But you stick to yours 

Because you’re not an artist enough 

To accept mine. 




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