​Royalty, sitting in regal stance 

Opposing black and white 

Playing on, (chance by chance) 

The board of Kings and Knights. 

One twitches his tash 
Shifts his cushioned antique chair 

Did you hear about the one with the gash;

Riding away in an abundance of Flair? 

The sky was red, Land draped in mist 

The river cried blood

The sun did set, upon a ghastly war 

As he pulled down his hood 

He moved his crown 

Above his Wrinkled forehead 

Thinking of his next strike 

Rubbed his palms and said – 

They say a lad did rise 

Wounded, from the sea of the dead 

No armor, sword or disguise 

A convocation of eagles overhead. 

He has the eyes of a tiger, 

Agile as a deer 

He entered as a fighter 

And now the crowds he steers. 

He will have to be crushed 

Said the deep voice 

On the other side of the board 

A man with impeccable choice. 

(And little do they know, 

The games they play shall end. 

The messiah is here, a sword in hand,

Themselves, they won’t be able to fend. 

They’ve Knights in their army, 

Often playing a game of guess 

All they are,  a couple of pawns 

In karma’s game of chess.) 



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