Sunny Veranda 

For as back as I can remember, my ancestral home in a charming little town always repelled me. A few days back I visited the place one more time. But it didn’t fail to enchant me this time. I entered only to know that these will probably be the last days of breaks there because they were leaving. Tough luck had it. By the time I realised how beautiful the place was, it was already too late and wouldn’t feel like home anymore. 

The key turns and the door unlocks 

It’s all the same yet peculiar 

No noise or incessant chatter 

Just empty rooms and chippy walls 

No Wrinkled faces to adore 

Just a few pictures hanging on the wall 

The sunny veranda now dusty 

The backyard unruly. 

And the flashbacks came in 

From my childhood here 

How I hated the place, Oh what a sin 

Too late when I’m old enough to see clear. 

It was the very last time 

That a school break took me home 

The loved ones are leaving in a trice

And with them, the homely tone. 

In the many  years to come 

No one to build me swings on the mango trees 

No one to pluck flowers with 

Rising before the sun. 

Age didn’t last long 

But many memories it did leave

Like an old favorite song 

Not always there, but you still believe-

That the gist is always there 

If you want it to be 

If you really do care 

Then the good times is all your memories will keep. 



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