How Quickly 

How quickly do you judge 
By a face, by an expression 

And come to adjudicate , but don’t budge 

From the first impression. 

You don’t  strive to venture deeper 

Behind the brilliant eyes and the plain face 

Something to click,  to pesker 

To read , to understand , to know and to trace. 

You complain, you compare 

But you’re only inside your own mind 

And you go on to determine how well you fare 

To spare yourself from being any more of a common kind. 

In the innermost cavities and crevices 

Every bit inside them together laced 

That can shatter with a roll of dices . 

And like everyone , you say isn’t life too fast paced ? 

How quick you are to divulge 

Into a stranger’s aura 

Won’t you bring yourself to indulge 

In your own mind’s sauna? 


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