​Wars don’t end in peace, they end with deep scars etched in the memories of millions. 

Each passing day, the newspaper turns into a shinier mirror to the dreadful horrors that have encaptured our brothers and sisters in a distant nation. Reports of millions moving out, refugees crises and terror tightening it’s grip over humanity is almost all that we hear echoing in our ears. How dreadful life must be for them is beyond me but from all I’ve read –  Wars don’t end with peace, they end with deep scars etched in the memory of millions. 

I once wished upon a shooting star, that they should never stop;

So I could speak of wish upon wish and no longer be forlorn. 

And now as more strays hit our homes, 

And fear seeps down to our bones 

They cower counting seconds as they pass 
And cling to the others knowing not which may be our last 

I say a silent prayer and hold another’s hand 

So there may be some comfort when another shooting star lands. 

Each collision sends shivers through the earth 

That creep through my back and put out our hearth;

I wish upon those falling stars hoping one might hear 
Spare the children, spare the people, spare the homes you tear 

I asked for blessings and love back when the war was young 
I ask for life, I ask for humanity of your masters who kill these heroes unsung-

Covered in the rubble of a stranger’s hatred
Holding on to the light through the gaps 

Croaking through the throbbing pain. 

I am not scared dear shooting star, 
I’ll be standing with my arms open. 

And when you embrace me Oh shooting star 

Tell your masters that they lost. 


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